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Milwaukee Student Housing

Moving to Milwaukee? You might not know where to begin when searching for student housing. Fortunately, with Marquette University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Milwaukee School of Engineering all located nearby, there are plenty of student housing options. This helpful guide from Eleven25 at Pabst breaks down houses, condos, dorms, and apartments for rent in Milwaukee, WI — so you can find the perfect living environment to suit your lifestyle and needs.

On Campus Dorms

Many students choose to live on campus in the dorms, which makes it easy to get to and from classes. Residents of dorms are surrounded by peers of similar age, which allows you to quickly meet new people and easily attend university social events. For example, on campus UWM housing features Resident Assistants, who organize social events for residents. However, dorms are usually cramped and have more than one resident in a room. On campus housing also tends to be more expensive than many apartments in Milwaukee, and residents are required to follow the university’s housing rules.

Townhouses & Condos For Rent

Townhouses and condos offer a hybrid between houses and apartments. While they promise more independence and spaciousness than you’d find in apartments, they typically have less square footage and more restrictions than houses. These properties can also feature adjacent walls to other residents, so noise pollution can still be an issue. Both condos and townhomes often have homeowners’ associations, so there may be some basic rules and restrictions to abide by, as well as fees.

Renting A House In Milwaukee

Houses provide the most freedom and space out of all the student housing options. You can choose who lives with you, and there’s typically more living space, storage space, and privacy when compared to other housing options. Homes typically have private parking spaces and can even include a garage and yard. But your monthly installments and utilities are often more expensive; and repairs, maintenance, and lawn care might not be included in the housing contract, meaning it’s up to the tenants to either hire someone or do it themselves.

Milwaukee Off Campus Housing

Choosing to live in off campus apartments near UWM provides more control over your lifestyle than dorms. You won’t have to share a room with another student unless you want to. Monthly installments also tend to be more affordable than on campus housing and, depending on the housing contract, you may be able to split costs between several people. However, choosing to rent an off campus apartment, house or townhome may also mean a longer commute to campus, so you’ll want to consider what’s best for you.

Milwaukee Student Apartments

Living in an apartment is a popular choice for off campus housing since it requires fewer responsibilities than a home and fewer restrictions than dorms. Monthly installments are often more affordable than living in a house or dorm, and many apartments provide individual housing contracts, so you don’t have to worry about paying another roommate's installment if they bail on you. Generally, management is responsible for repairs and maintenance to your unit, and even better, student apartments typically provide on-site amenities and apartment features. These extras include high-end amenities, such as 24-hour fitness centers, gourmet community kitchens, on-site food courts, high-tech computer labs, private parking garages, and more. Other features include stylish furniture packages, full-size kitchens with modern appliances, spacious bedrooms, and interior/exterior apartments.

Milwaukee Apartments For Rent

Eleven25 strives to provide students with the ultimate living experience. Our student apartments offer lavish living while staying within a student-friendly budget. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our Milwaukee apartments, which offer everything you need for a luxurious and well-balanced living experience.

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